ArreBeef S.A. is an Argentinian meat-packing plant and a leader in the production and sale of beef and beef by-products thanks to a work team of talented people who are proactive and who have a constant desire to improve.

If you feel identified with ArreBeef S.A, want to grow and believe that your values and work skills could find a path in our company to fulfill your goals, send us your CV and as soon as we have an opening that fits your profile and expectations, we will contact you.

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Strategic Goals

The Human Resources Management is strategically focused on attracting, developing and keeping collaborators to achieve personal and group challenges, which are the grounds for the success of the company.
  • Attracting >Ability to seek, find and add human resources that are essential for the fulfillment of the company’s goals.
  • Developing > Ability to provide the proper tools to each sector of the company in order to improve the personal and professional training of our staff.
  • Keeping > Ability to create good working conditions and a trustworthy and innovative working environment where the staff feel motivated and proud of belonging to the company.

General Policies for the Management of Human Resources

  • Taking care of the welfare of the employees while allowing them to develop their activities in a healthy and free-of-accidents environment.
  • Encouraging cultural diversity and the development of new skills to generate equal chances of professional growth.
  • Providing a good work environment.
  • Establishing, checking and updating the Human Resources Policies so they can be fair, general, broadcasted and explained.
  • Generating a trustworthy environment so the employees feel supported and engaged with the goals and challenges of the company.
  • Training at every level of the company in order to provide the necessary management tools and techniques to achieve the goals of the company.
  • Helping each employee, in combination with the chances offered by the company, to develop their full potential.
  • Keeping a balanced and constructive relationship with the community around us to promote, as far as possible for the company, its development.
  • Being sociably responsible by complying with the current legislation regarding labor relationships and by encouraging and promoting ethical behavior to all our staff.
  • Being at the forefront of management techniques to go with the growth of the company.