At ArreBeef S.A., we are deeply worried about the environmental impact of our activity in its natural setting. Therefore, we constantly work to make our staff aware of the importance of taking care of the environment and to develop practical measures that contribute to that aim.

Integrated Management System based on the "3R Concept": REDUCE - REUSE – RECYCLE

This system aims at preventing the environmental pollution by means of reducing the emission of waste and by encouraging the reuse of the resources, as long as possible. Some of the measures adopted are:
  • REDUCE: We reduce the consumption of water by implementing the automatic shutdown system -opening and closure devices that activate by exercising pressure with your foot or hand- depending on the sector.
  • REUSE: At ArreBeef S.A., we use big amounts of PVC boots, which, due to our activity, have a shorter lifespan than the one guaranteed by the supplier. For that reason, when the workers stop using them, they are collected and sent to people in need in northern Argentinean provinces for its reuse.
  • RECYCLE: Many of the materials we use in our production process are recyclable, such us wood pallets, scrap metals and debris, among others.

Plan of Environmental Monitoring

Regularly, a laboratory authorized by the Provincial Organism for Sustainable Development (OPDS) takes samples of air, water and soil to make sure the company is complying with the requirements of the environmental regulations in force.

Each result is analyzed and compared to the records of the results obtained, thus knowing the impact we are generating and the efficiency of our environmental management system.

Internal Audits

Regularly, we carry out internal audits to check the condition of the certifications and authorizations awarded by the pertaining official organisms such as: National Registry of Chemical Precursors (RENPRE), Provincial Organism for Sustainable Development (OPDS), Water Authority (ADA) and the Municipality of Ramallo.