Our processes have Certified Quality

We work with the conviction that Food Safety is our main responsibility.

For that reason, we guarantee harmlessness in our products by implementing an Integrated Quality System based on national and international regulations and standards such as: System for the Analyses of Hazards and Critical Point Control (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Standardized Operational Procedures (SOP) and Standardized Sanitation Operational Procedures (SSOP) and the Animal Welfare Regulations. We also comply with the regulations in force.


  • BRCGS - Global Standard For Food Safety Issue 9
  • HACCP - Norm No NM 323:2010 (IRAM)
  • BPM Certification - Norm No NM 324:2010 (IRAM)
  • PAACO - Animal Welfare Certification
  • Certificate Letter Of Aptitude Halal Slaughtering – Consejo Druso de la República Argentina
  • Halal Certification - Islamic Center of the Argentine Republic
  • Halal Certification - The Halal Approval South America S.A.


Safety in the Supply Chain

We consider the welfare, health and physical integrity of our staff a priority throughout the entire route of our products: since their manufacturing in our plant to the end consumer.

For that purpose, we have a multidisciplinary team that works with a Preemptive Plan that contemplates the physical safety of our staff, the safety of our products (Food Defense) and the safety of the information as well. The aim of said Plan is to minimize, reduce and eradicate every risk that might take place during the Supply Chain.

This Plan is audited and certified by important supermarket chains and food service companies that we supply.