Certified Angus Beef

Undoubtedly, Aberdeen Angus is the breed that produces the best beef. This has been determined by the preference of world's most demanding palates.

ArreBeef Angus meat is synonymous with high consistency, juiciness, tenderness and flavor, and is produced under the strictest international certification standards.

To achieve Angus certification, animals must pass a strict phenotypic selection and approve the seven quality parameters required. Then, the experienced inspectors of the Argentine Association of Angus, specially trained, grant the final certification.

The seriousness of the procedure allows the result achieved to meet the standards of range, condition and quality, defined for "Argentine Angus Beef".

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Requirements for Certified Angus Beef


Solid black or red, characteristic of the breed, which must cover at least 66% of the body surface. The indicated coating should be extended on the back and sides of the animal in a single mantle. They may have a white head, color that cannot be prolonged along the neckline.


Aberdeen ANGUS pure animals have no horns, therefore horns are not accepted.


Beef-type conformation and no dairy characteristics or evidence of Brahman influence..


Only cattle harvested younger than 28 months of age (verified by teething) which have had a sustained growth and fattening. Older animals are not accepted.


Special steer classified under Argentinean standard as JJ – J and U (similar to "USDA yield grades" 1 and 2).

Fat Coverage

Uniform fat cover. 5 to 13mm of fat thickness acceptable.


Medium or fine marbling texture that ensures consistent flavor, tenderness and juiciness in every bite.