We are the first biogas plant in the beef industry that generates renewable energy from organic waste.

ArreBeef Energía was born in 2017 as part of ArreBeef's strategy to become an increasingly sustainable company in all its processes.

With the efficient treatment of organic waste from the meat-packing plant, we seek to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and provide renewable energy to the national power grid.

+3.200 tons
of CO2 avoided in one year

We have a 5,000 m³ biodigester that transforms organic waste into biogas, a fuel that runs a cogeneration engine. This engine converts methane (CH4) from biogas into electrical energy, with the capacity to deliver 1.5 MW/H of electrical power, equivalent to the energy consumption of 7,000 inhabitants.

The project began within the framework of the RenovAr program, through which we are committed to supplying the national power grid with at least 7,200 MW per year.

In addition, the engine generates thermal energy that is used in the biogas generation process and in different processes of the meat-packing plant.

In this way, by transforming waste into electricity and taking advantage of the thermal energy, the emission into the atmosphere of more than 3,200 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year is avoided.

Moreover, as a result of the degradation process, an organic fertilizer rich in phosphorus and nitrogen is generated daily, which is used as fertilizer to restore the soil's characteristics.

“Nothing is lost, everything is transformed”

Our location

Planta industrial Pérez Millán

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