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ArreBeef S.A. is an Argentinian meat-packing plant and a leader in the production and sale of beef and beef by-products. Our products are present in the most diverse and demanding national and international markets and we are known worldwide for our constant commitment to quality.

Our main meat-packing plant is strategically located in the largest agriculture and livestock area in Argentina, 200 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires and its port.

This plant has a surface area of 26,200 square meters and almost 1,000 highly trained employees work there, which makes it possible for all of the productive steps to be completed in the same place, from the animals’ slaughter to the final packaging of the products, thereby assuring maximum quality and health.

We also have a cycle 2 plant located in Escobar in Buenos Aires province with the capacity to produce 400 metric tons per month. This plant is registered in the National Food and Agriculture Health and Quality Service (SENASA in Spanish) as official establishment number 1301.